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Handclaps And Cowbells

Blue's Home Port

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about me
I'm Rebekah but you can call me Blue or Bekah.
I'm 17.

what i'm doing
I live in Manchester, England but I've lived in Buckinghamshire and in Germany too.
I'm studying English Language, German and Politics.
I'm off to uni this autumn and cannot wait.

what i love
I like music ♪, the PBB, picnics by lakes, buttons, going to gigs, psychedelia, The Mighty Boosh, Proactiveness, Saddle Creek Records, Flight Of The Conchords, and ewoks

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Stylesheet by refuted
buttons, disorderly conor oberst, flight of the conchords, going to gigs, goth detectives and ewoks., music, picnics by lakes, proactiveness, psychadelia, saddle creek records, scarves, star wars, the mighty boosh, the pbb