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It's the end of a German-related era. Well, for this year at least. I am free from Viermächeverwaltungen, Gewaltverzichtsvertragen and the pluperfekt.

I was having serious doubts about my chosen degree for this year but I had a quick look at the different modules you can choose and there's some interesting choices. Psycholinguistics and World Cinema are looking good. In fact, I've wanted to do more on Psycholinguistics for a while. Also, I'm thinking of taking up an extra language course while I'm there. The question is; French or Russian? I'm still deciding.

On a different note, I've been having some really amazing dreams lately. When I dream, it's like the screening of these wonderfully convoluted stories in my mind. And I almost always remember them.

As one man once suggested, if you can't dream then there is no point in sleeping.

"If you enjoy culture, the arts and music, you can find yourself particularly active around these areas now. There may even be a mysterious person you spot across a room who catches your attention." We shall see about that.

Welcome Back

Holy guacamole - I haven't posted on this in a while!

I spent a while updating it all with a new layout and profile page before realising that I never use it. Therefore, I am deciding to start posting a few things on here to make up. :)

Unfortunately, revision is currently running my life. American Politics revision, to be precise. I had a slight panic a couple of days ago because I felt I hadn't done enough but I've had a quick tally of topics I've covered and I'm not doing too bad. Procrastination; I shall beat you!

I also went to see Patrick Wolf on Sunday night. It was wonderful. I last saw him at the Lowry, Salford in November 2007. It was more of an acoustic set that night, supported by Lightspeed Champion and very quiet. I think the theatre setting was very much a contributing factor. However. it was lovely to hear the stripped down versions of the songs, especially my favourite songs from "Wind In The Wires".

This time, however, it was quite different. Taking place at Manchester Academy 2, Patrick Wolf was supported by his very talented band members, which added a whole new dimension to the music. It was great to hear the songs from new album "The Bachelor", in particular "Hard Times", which I had heard at the last gig, albeit a very basic version. It made me excited for the fourth album eighteen months ago!

He played a selection of songs from across all four albums, and I loved his varying renditions of favourites such as "Bluebells" and "Accident and Emergency". Of course, everyone loved when he played "Tristan", accompanied by his attempt to scale the speakers! I was quite saddened by the lack of "Wind In The Wires" but the rest of the setlist really encompassed Patrick's magnificent back catalogue.

Luckily, we got right to the front and Patrick spent a fair amount of time interacting with the audience, especially the people at the front. His costumes were amazing too - it's exciting to see his different styles and themes evolve wit the passing of each album.

The two support bands were also very good. We Fell To Earth were really good and I enjoyed the singing duties being shared between two people. Moreover, I was really impressed by Serafina, a singer-songwriter who was accompanied by her friend on keyboard. Serafina played the harp, and sometimes the keyboard at the same time. It made me feel slightly jealous that I do not possess these musical skills. Their Morrissey cover of "Suedehead" was magnificent and I think my favourite song was "GSOH".

Overall, it was a fantastic night and is well up there with the best gigs I've been to. It really demonstrated why Patrick Wolf is one of my favourite musicians.

And another thing...

Glitter is simply sequin babies and so to appreciate glitter, you must appreciate the sequins and vice versa.

I have a very nice sequin beret.
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